The Russian foreign Ministry expressed regret in connection with the decision of Montenegro to join NATO

The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

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MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Moscow reserves the right to take action to protect its interests and national security, after the accession of Montenegro to NATO. So the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the decision of the Assembly of Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

“It is with deep regret to say that the current leadership of the country and its Western backers still have not listened to the voice of reason and conscience, – is spoken in the comment of the foreign Ministry. – The adoption of the fundamental acts that affect fundamental questions about the security of the state, by a vote of individual members on the basis of formal put together a majority without taking into account the views of the people of the country – a demonstrative act of violation of all democratic norms and principles”.

As noted at the foreign Ministry, those who voted in the Assembly for the accession to NATO under the pretext of imaginary Russian threat, “take responsibility for the consequences of the implementation of the plans of external forces seeking to deepen existing in Europe and in the Balkans, dividing line, drive a wedge based on deep historical traditions of friendly relations of the Montenegrins with the Serbs and the Russians.”

“The shameful episodes of illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in which there were victims in the Montenegrin land, including children, hypocritically interpreted in such a way that, say, the wines of Serbia, were in conflict with the Alliance – noted in the foreign Ministry. – Ignored the will of nearly half the population of the country, acting against “NATO priority” in foreign policy.”

In Moscow wonder how cynical you need to have to “unabashedly state that for the decision to seek the views of the people, there is no need, as did the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic”.

“Given the potential of Montenegro the Alliance is unlikely to get a significant “value-added”, – is spoken in the comment of the foreign Ministry. – But Moscow cannot ignore the strategic consequences of this step. Therefore, reserve the right to make such decisions, which are aimed at protecting our interests and national security.”