The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the law on accession to NATO

The Parliament of Montenegro adopted the law on accession to NATO

BELGRADE, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. The Parliament of Montenegro at a meeting in Cetinje on Friday ratified the law on accession to NATO. For this decision voted 46 deputies from 81.

Stream meeting was conducted on national television. Those present, among whom were the President Filip vujanović and former Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, met with applause the outcome of the vote.

Before the vote, a rationale for joining the Alliance was made by acting head of the government, Dusko Markovic, also their opinions about the importance of North Atlantic integration about the same words, shared many inscribed to members.

In a document titled the Draft law on confirmation of the North Atlantic Treaty and the Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the accession of Greece and Turkey voted members of the ruling Democratic party of socialists and other small parties — the supporters of integration into NATO.

Voting took place in the absence of opponents of the Alliance and the main opposition forces — the Democratic front, which was held in Cetinje protest action with a demand to decide the fate of NATO membership is not in Parliament and a national referendum. The opposition also stated its intention to seek early parliamentary elections to come to power and undo today’s decision on joining the Alliance.