The German Bundestag approved the ban on hiding the face clothing

The lower house of the German Parliament — the Bundestag adopted on Thursday, April 27, a bill banning some categories of citizens to wear at work clothing that completely covers the face. About it reports Reuters. The ban will affect civil servants, judges and military.

The decision was made after December 2016, Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for a ban on the use of elements of Muslim clothing that covers the face.

In the past two years, Germany is experiencing difficulties because of a million arrived in the country of migrants, many of whom are Muslims from the Middle East. Widespread concerns about their integration into German society.

“Integration also means that we must clearly explain and spread our values, and where lie the boundaries of our tolerance towards other cultures”, — said the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de Mezieres. “The bill, which we agreed is an important contributor to this,” he added.