The EU will consider the continued membership of a United Ireland after Brexit

EU leaders can encourage the people of Northern Ireland to reunite with the rest of the island for the sake of EU membership. On Friday, April 28, reports The Independent.

At the moment, according to the newspaper, the Irish diplomats are working to achieve from the heads of countries — EU members support this idea at the upcoming summit. The meeting will take place in Brussels on Saturday, April 29. The summit will discuss the position of EU States on the issue of Brexit conditions.

At the end of March, Prime Minister of Ireland ENDA Kenny stated that the final agreement on Brexit should be included a paragraph about the commitment of the parties the idea of a United Ireland. This caused a sharp reaction of London: it was assured that most of the people of Northern Ireland in favour of maintaining the region within the United Kingdom.

In June 2016, the supporters of a British exit from the EU (Brexit) has won the referendum. At the same time, according to Sky News, 55.8 per cent of the people of Northern Ireland spoke out against a British exit from the EU, voted 44.2%. After that the nationalist party “Sinn FEIN” called for a referendum on the status of Northern Ireland.