The authorities of Novosibirsk have agreed on “Monstration”

In Novosibirsk agreed to hold a may 1 comic absurdist procession of the Ukrainian side, informs “Interfax” with reference to the promoter of the artist Artem Loskutov.

Loskutov noted that similar events in parallel with Novosibirsk will take place in 14 cities — from Khabarovsk to Prague. In particular, in Ukraine, the March will take place in Odessa, in Estonia — in Tartu.

According to the artist, in a number of cities have problems with the coordination of the event. “In Yaroslavl the Center “e” yesterday caused organisers for the portrait of the astronaut [Valentina] Tereshkova on the bill Yaroslavl “Demonstrations”, the prosecution is also some complaints speak”, — has told rags.

In Ekaterinburg the action may be postponed on 6 may due to the fact that the municipality is deprived of authority to reconcile the March. Volgograd vs “Demonstrations” made by the trade unions, whose leaders felt that the posters of the action participants — not in the spirit of may day.

In the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of Novosibirsk has noted that this year “Monstration” is included in the official plan celebrations, and in subsequent years to apply for it will not be necessary.

Earlier in April, the city offered Loskutov to organize a joint may day procession and to participate in the meeting of the working group for directions and details of the event.

In 2016, the mayor of Novosibirsk have not agreed on “Monstration,” in the procession was attended by no less than two thousand people. Loskutov was arrested and fined on 20 thousand rubles for holding an unauthorized action.

“Monstration” is held in Novosibirsk in 2004. Its members come annually on may 1 with absurd slogans such as “What number day?”, “The wardrobe is not the answer”, “We are you”, “the System, what’s so nervous?”, “The evil Empire. Empire is very evil!”. In the first procession was attended by 80 participants, but in 2014 it came out more than four thousand people.