South Korea rejected the idea of a trump about paying for the placement of THAAD

South Korea rejected the idea of a trump about paying for the placement of THAAD

Donald trump said that Seoul will put the expense at $1 billion and will reconsider the terms of the agreement on free trade.

Moscow. April 28. INTERFAX.RU — South Korea is not planning either to revise the free trade agreement with the United States, or to pay for the hosting of a missile defense system THAAD, the Associated Press reports, citing the South Korean authorities.

So, Korean Deputy Minister for trade told the news Agency that he knew nothing about the possibility of revising the agreement.

The Minister of defense of South Korea in turn said that no changes in the terms of placing THAAD in the country no

These comments Seoul gave in response to the words of the President of the United States Donald trump who in an interview with Reuters said that it would put South Korea account for $1 billion as payment for the deployment of American missile defense system.

In addition, he said he plans to revise the free trade agreement with Korea, calling its terms “horrible” from the point of view of their profitability.

The equipment of the American missile complex rolling land-based for high-rise natmosphere intercept medium-range missiles THAAD is already in place for accommodation in South Korea. The agreement on the location of the system was achieved last year to counter a missile threat from the DPRK.

Against the deployment of THAAD is China, which believes that the move upsets the balance of forces in the region, as well as many locals who do not want the American missile defense near their homes.

With regard to the free trade agreement, the American leader had previously criticized him, believing that the contract is disadvantageous to the United States and deprives the country of jobs.