Putin noted the growth of drug trafficking from the territory of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the security Council reported an increase in drug trafficking from the territory of Ukraine. The words of the head of state, the correspondent “Tapes.ru” on Friday, April 28.

“Expand the trafficking of synthetic drugs and new psychoactive substances. Most often, their providers are criminal groups from abroad: Europe, Asia, and the recent strong flows from Ukraine”, — said Putin.

In addition, do not attempt to stop the spread in the Russian regions of Afghan drugs, including heroin, said the head of state.

The President announced statistics, according to which in Russia there are 600 thousand drug addicts. “Unfortunately, over the past five years, this figure does not change, the number of drug addicts has increased by 60 percent,” he said, adding that according to unofficial polls, the illegal substances consumed about 7.5 million people, two million of them do it regularly.

The level of drug-related crime, according to Putin, remains high, and the propagation of illicit substances increasingly use modern communication tools and electronic payments.

The Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev, in turn, stated that it is impossible to prevent the legalization of drugs in the country. “You have to remember as a positive experience abroad, and negative, so we believe. Well, let’s say, in some countries there is a further legalization of the drug. We must not allow that,” he was quoted kp.ru.

On 12 April the chief of the Main Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation on control over drug trafficking the General-the major of police Andrey Khrapov said that Ukraine has displaced China from the top spot in the list of the major suppliers of drugs in Russia. In 2016, for drug-related offences, the police have prosecuted 1398 citizens of Ukraine, for three months of this year — 300 more.