Nikita Mikhalkov accused the authorities silence about surveys Bulk


RIA Novosti

At the VIII Forum of safe Internet devoted to child safety in the information space and held in Moscow today, was made by Nikita Mikhalkov. He mentioned the Bulk of the funds that FBK was connected with Dmitry Medvedev and actually accused the government of silence, which pushes “dopey kids” to fight the state system.

“The revolution is conceived romance, exercise fanatics. And the fruits are rascals, – said Nikita Mikhalkov. In order to properly evaluate a result, you need to understand the reason. When I listen to regular speech, I see the concerns of the society, I understand that this is not enough. We are faced with the fact that a growing generation that does not know its history, does not understand the consequences that can result in certain actions. They don’t understand until then, until I get a rubber baton on the head or a bullet in the forehead.

We want to go back to 1918 or 1941? When comes the film Bulk, it is impossible to be silent. It was necessary to say that “it’s not mine,” for example (Mikhalkov refers to property projects and funds allegedly linked to Medvedev – “MK”). Silence in this case is so ambiguous, what causes the doubt that may justify the struggle of the people with the state system. This struggle involved and to innocent children. But behind them stands a powerful machine that has already made the color revolutions around the world. These children don’t watch TV, they sit on the Internet and all the information get there.”