Meat with pineapple. “Iron” rules are useful barbecue

Meat with pineapple. “Iron” rules are useful barbecue

Why marinated meat tastes better and what really need to wash down the barbecue, and what — not recommended?

May day — the traditional time for trips to barbecues. How to properly cook and what to eat?

Advises Alla Pogozheva, leading researcher, Federal research center of nutrition and biotechnology, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences.

Prepare the marinade properly

Better to do it ourselves instead of buying a billet for a barbecue in the store. Marinade disinfects meat (acidic — wine, vinegar, mineral water, lemon, pomegranate juice destructive to many organisms). Besides softens the meat in the marinade and then it is easier to digest. Add in the marinade, in addition to spices, onion and garlic: they are antioxidants.

By the way, why pre-marinated meat taste better? The marinating process is denaturation of protein (folding), formation of free amino acids, which enhance the flavor of meat. Is responsible for glutamic acid. That is, the same monosodium glutamate.

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For grilling the skewers, use firewood, not coal store

So you reduce the amount of carcinogenic substances benzpyrene in barbecue. When fat drips on the coals, formed at times more benzopyrene than in contact with the wood. Benzopyrene permeates the pieces of meat. If you are cooking on a vertical grill, so there is no danger.

Do not allow open flames

It needs to be put out with water, marinade. The heat needs to be smooth, then the meat is cooked through evenly, without the formation of charred pieces. If you do not see, and the corners of the skewers burnt, it is desirable to cut off after cooking.

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Do not snack with sandwiches while preparing the skewers

It is better to eat fresh or baked vegetables. Meat are high in cholesterol, which is oxidized during heat treatment and becomes even more harmful. Vegetables have antioxidative effects. Moreover, these antioxidant properties are not lost after heat treatment. And carotenoids and is better assimilated after cooking of the product. So you can cook the vegetables as the meat on the skewer. For this fit, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions.

You can try to do the same thing with fruit type peaches and bananas. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in unlimited quantities: and in front of the barbecue, and for “dessert”.

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Vegetable salad on a side dish to meat should not mayonnaise

Use lemon juice and oil blend: camelina, pumpkin, mustard, linseed, olive. So you get a lot of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They prevent high cholesterol by eating kebabs.

Take skewers of fruit or vegetable juice, dry red wine

Strong alcohol is undesirable, because in combination with the fat it has a greater load on the liver. Juices and stimulate the production of pancreatic enzymes, which help digest meat. And best of all breaks down protein (and not fat as many think!) the pineapple juice.

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Never wash down the lamb skewers in cold water (even if it’s hot and very desirable) or ice-cold brew and beer

Mutton fat hardens quickly. Imagine a burning candle, the wax which drips into the water. Approximately the same occurs in the stomach, if mutton kebab to wash down a cold drink. No wonder in the East fatty meals — hush, pilaf, shashlik washed down with hot tea.

Do not overdo barbecue

This “holiday” dish, which should not eat more than once every two weeks. The rest of the time it is better to eat steamed or boiled meat. And the closer your age is 50 years, the less red roasted meat can be in your diet.