Matviyenko called for dialogue between Russia and the EU


RIA Novosti

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko believes that Russia and the EU countries need to intensify the dialogue, as the lack of cooperation does not benefit any of the parties. She stated following the meeting with the head of the Senate of the Cortes Generales of Spain, PIO Garcia-Escudero Marquez.

“Today is sobering, after a period of cooling between Russia and the EU comes to an understanding of the constructive, the hazards and futility of any sanctions. Comes the understanding that we need dialogue, we need to find mutually acceptable solutions,” she said.

The speaker noted that the need to establish dialogue, say politicians and business representatives. “Russia is part of Europe, the lack of cooperation does not benefit neither the EU nor Russia. Sanctions had lost all” – has concluded Matvienko. In her opinion, the sanctions have not brought the parties to “nothing useful”.