Ivanov told about the consequences of the crash on nuclear power plants


RIA Novosti

Special representative of the President of Russia on environmental issues and transport Sergei Ivanov said that the crash on a nuclear power plant (NPP) would not have caused the disaster. It is reported by Russia Today.

So Ivanov answered the question about the safety of a plant can be placed in a combat zone, particularly in the middle East. “Not that much of a secret. In General, even if in the center of modern nuclear power plant would hit large aircraft Boeing-777, I assure you, nothing will happen,” he said.

According to him, scientists who are developing nuclear power plants, “rucas its name and reputation, ensure that no possible or conceivable natural disaster” poses no risk to modern nuclear power plants.

“Of course, if nuclear power plants will be nuclear missile, it would be a disaster. But I hope that mankind will not survive out of his mind completely,” he concluded.

Earlier it became known that in Russia there was a Center on cyber security of nuclear power plants. He will engage in the fight against hacker attacks to control systems of nuclear power plants.