In Venice intend to limit the number of students attending the city tourists

In Venice intend to limit the number of students attending the city tourists

ROME, 28 APR — news, Sergey Startsev. The city government of Venice decided to install a special device to count the numerous tourists daily coming to the city, which together with the Venice lagoon included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The corresponding decree on Thursday evening was attended by the Giunta (the Executive, administrative authority) of Venice. If this decision is approved by the government of Italy and UNESCO, in a short time in a number of strategic points, that arrives to the city main tourist flow, will appear automatic counters. We are talking about that on the basis of thus obtained data to limit the number of visitors to the ancient city.

We were able to develop a series of measures aimed at the regulation of tourist flows and to make them compatible with everyday life living here, lualualei Brunhammer Venice

In addition, he promised to launch an international information campaign to explain to the tourists the specifics of the situation in recent times in the city, which is more can not withstand the huge influx of visitors.

In March last year for Easter in Venice at the same time profit from 300 thousand people, more than the population of the city (less than 270 thousand people)

Under the strategy, the city authorities will, in particular, in advance disclose a specific date when the city is expected to the maximum number of visitors. It is also planned to open new areas for public supply, change the mode of operation of boats carrying tourists on the Grand canal, to increase the number of law enforcement officers.