In the state Duma a draft law transforming the Crimea in the offshore — “Kommersant”

In the state Duma a draft law transforming the Crimea in the offshore — “Kommersant”

A package of bills on the actual introduction in the Crimea offshore regime, prepared by the Chairman of the Duma Committee for international Affairs, MP from “Fair Russia” Alexey Cepoi.

According to “Kommersant”, one of the bills proposes amendments to the Tax code, the second to the Civil code and to a half dozens of laws.

In GK, the author proposes to introduce the article about the “international trusts” and “family funds” and to legitimize a new form of “international company”.

It trusts must ensure investing in Crimea businessmen anonymity. If the usual trust management of the owner is known, the Crimean trusts transfer assets, resulting in the beneficiary becoming invisible.

The bill also introduces the concept of “international transit zone” — areas of the port with spetsrezhimom. To a lesser extent, they are already in the free economic zone. It is proposed to pay a tax levy in the amount of 1,500 euros. For residents ‘ income received on the territory of the Russian Federation proposed incentive rates: dividends — 15%, interest and royalties — 0%.

The document allows foreign banks, insurance companies, pension funds and brokerage companies to operate without a license, which is impossible in the rest of Russia

The author of the bill Alexei chepa said that offshore of the question. “We don’t offshore entered, struggling with the sanctions that can threaten the businesses operating in Crimea.” It will invite the colleagues from other parties to join the review document after the may holidays.