In Moscow surprised us statements about Russia’s isolation in the UN

Gennady Gatilov

The Russian foreign Ministry found it a strange statement by the press service of the White house, called “the isolation of Russia in the UN” among the main achievements of U.S. President Donald trump. About it reports “Interfax”.

“A strange statement. On the contrary, we seek cooperation with all countries, including and especially the US in the UN — explained Deputy foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov. — I think that speech should go not about to put someone in isolation, and to seek common ground and thereby reach a mutually acceptable solutions to existing problems. This should underpin the work of the UN.”

Previously refutation of the thesis about the “isolation of Russia” has acted the Director of Department of countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Chinese foreign Ministry GUI Zunun. He stated that “Moscow and Beijing speak the same language in regard to finding answers to emerging threats to peace and stability.”

April 28, the press service of the White house issued a statement, in which as one of the achievements of President Donald trump’s first 100 days in power is called the “isolation of Russia in the UN”. According to the compilers of the document, after several years of “failed diplomacy” the President is opposed to countries that threaten U.S. national security. As stated in the certificate, trump “even more isolated Syria and Russia in the UN through successful diplomacy with Chinese President XI Jinping”. The authors of the document claim that the President is working “to isolate North Korea.”