In Moscow called speculation of the statement about the hacker attacks on the website of the Ministry of defense of Denmark

The Russian side had not received any requests from Denmark through diplomatic channels in connection with the accusations against Moscow in the hacker attacks on the resources of the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom. This was stated by Director of the second European Department of the Russian foreign Ministry Igor Neverov, RIA Novosti reported.

“In General the whole topic, of course, far-fetched and speculative,” said Neverov. According to him, “this is an attempt to solve their internal political problems at the expense of some external enemy image”.

On 24 April, the Minister of defence of Denmark Klaus yort Frederiksen told the newspaper Berlingske that the Russian hackers in 2015-2016 made several successful attempts to access the electronic correspondence of employees of the institution.

According to him, these actions were not a small group of hackers acting for fun, and people associated with the Russian special services and the authorities. According to the publication, with the attacks allegedly stood a group of hackers APT28 known as Fanсy Bear. In the United States believe that it is backed up by the Russian government, and that it carried out the hacking of the servers of the Democrats before the presidential election of 2016.