General staff: “Tomahawk” in Poland threatened the European part of Russia


RIA Novosti

The chief of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov said the threat to Russian strategic sites. According to him, if the Polish military will be equipped with missile defense cruise missiles, will be under the gun the entire European part of the country. He said this at the sixth Moscow conference on international security, reports RIA Novosti.

“It includes ground-based missile complex “aegis ashore” in Romania, to boost work on the deployment in 2018 of the American interceptor missiles on Polish territory. On the basis of the ABM in Romania posted a universal launcher, which can be triggers not only missiles, but also cruise missiles “the Tomahawk”. The same settings you intend to deploy in Poland. As a result, under the sight of cruise missiles will be all of the strategic assets located in the European part of Russia”, — said Gerasimov.

According to the chief of the General staff, Russia is now taking all the necessary measures to ensure security. However, he also noted that “Europe is not getting safer”.