Zakharov explained the absurdity of a US strike on the airfield in Syria

The impact of American missiles “Tomahawk” at the airport shirt in the Syrian HOMS, was a senseless and absurd because the result was destroyed the air base, which was urged to send experts to investigate a chemical attack in Idlib representatives of the United States. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Yahoo! Global News, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

She said that after a chemical attack in Idlib Russia has offered to send international experts in the field of chemical weapons in the region to establish the circumstances of the tragedy. However, according to Zakharova, “Western colleagues” insisted on sending inspectors not in Idlib and airfield of the Syrian air force in HOMS. There is, in the opinion of American experts, based aircraft, which could be used for the use of chemical weapons.

“That is, first they insisted on dispatching experts to the airfield to find out what happened two days later just bombed the airfield. Thus, no chances to establish what happened,” — said Zakharov. She called the current through the fault of the United States the situation is ridiculous, stressing that “all these attacks came to nothing lead.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman reminded that Moscow from the very beginning proposed to entrust the investigation of alleged chemical attacks in Syria the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW).

The US launched an airstrike against Syrian airbase in HOMS on the night of 7 April. Two warships of the United States in the Mediterranean sea launched at least 50 Tomahawk missiles in response to allegedly conducted by government forces the Syrian attack with chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib province on April 4.