Zakharov asked the UN to back broadcasts on Russian language


RIA Novosti

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova asked the UN Secretariat to resume the daily broadcasts of the world organization in the Russian language, and also to explain why they disappeared from the airwaves. This statement was made by the Committee to the General Assembly.

The diplomat drew attention to the fact that the 15-minute transmission was stopped on UN Radio on 1 January 2017. “The data transfer was prepared pursuant to resolution of the UN General Assembly of December 6, 1999. The need for training programs approved by the resolutions Committee each year including 2016, and the decision on their abolition or reformation needs to take it to the Committee, and not solely the Department. I would ask the Department to clarify this situation and to take the necessary organizational steps to restore broadcasting in the Russian language”, – said Zakharov.

It also encouraged the UN Secretariat to enhance the activity of the Russian section of the news Service of the UN, including to increase the number of multimedia content, as well as to maintain high quality information products. In addition, the diplomat called for promotion of the UN Internet resources in the Russian segment of social networks, noting the significant progress made in this regard.

As recalled by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, multilingualism is one of the fundamental principles of the UN that promotes understanding between peoples. According to her, Moscow expected from the United Nations Secretariat “the provision of adequate resources for the provision of translation services in the Russian language”, and in order to prevent their degradation.

Zakharov in General praised the work of the Department of public information of the UN in key areas, including advocacy. At the same time she drew attention to the lack of “analytical and prognostic components,” in reports of the Secretariat, which sometimes focuses on a detailed report about the work done. In addition the diplomat noted that the report paid insufficient attention to information work in the sphere of combating terrorism.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed their desire for a greater number of events dedicated to the victory over Nazism, to prevent the glorification of fascism and the spread of hateful ideology. “These lessons cannot be forgotten. The story forgotten, repeated,” warned Zakharov.