World trump, may

World trump, may

The presidents of Russia and USA could meet in a month.

As it became known””, the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump can have his first meeting in late may. This information “Kommersant” confirmed by sources in government agencies of the two countries. The first personal meeting of the two presidents should determine whether there is a chance for the normalization of Russian-American relations reached a low point under President Obama and continues to deteriorate in the first three months of the reign of Donald trump in connection with the escalation of tensions in Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan. Despite a tougher position on a number of issues taken by the new US administration, Moscow hopes that a personal meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump will help to reverse the negative trend, based on the experience of previous summits with democratic and Republican presidents in the White house.

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump can get together before the G20 summit, which will take place in July in Hamburg: according to several informed sources “Kommersant” in the structures of the two countries, Moscow and Washington are negotiating on the organization of the Russian-American summit in late may in one of the European countries.

Donald trump is expected to be in Europe from 25 to 27 may to attend the NATO summit in Brussels and the G7 summit in the Italian Taormina. After that, the U.S. President can “bounce” in one of the third countries where to arrive and his Russian counterpart. That such an option will be considered, “Kommersant” reported on 20 February. After the April 12 visit to Moscow by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, it, according to interlocutors “Kommersant”, began to study in detail.

According to one informed source said “Kommersant” in the government of the Russian Federation, despite the difficulties in cooperation between Moscow and Washington, contacts of representatives of the Kremlin administration and the White house to coordinate the date and place the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump “never interrupted”. “Much work has been done in the line of presidential aide Yuri Ushakov and several senior diplomats,” he notes. The negotiation process, he said, was not broken nor the tightening of us sanctions against Russia, nor the application of the Pentagon missile strike on the airbase shirt in Syria.

We will remind, Vladimir Putin and Donald trump have repeatedly talked on the phone but not met in person. Thus since the change of power in the White house, relations between Moscow and Washington has not improved. Verbal attacks against each other at first, became much less, however, in recent weeks the level of rhetorical confrontation was to remind the times of confrontation.

So, speaking Wednesday at the Moscow conference on international security, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the recent missile attack of the USA on the Syrian airbase “gross violation of international law”, located on the territory of South Korea American complexes THAAD is “a very destabilizing factor,” and the deployment of the European segment of global missile defense the United States is “a serious obstacle to the strengthening of strategic stability.”

Representatives of the new US administration, in turn, in recent weeks accused Russia of meddling in the American elections, the deliberate dissemination of conflicting data about the chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib and the supply of arms to the Afghan Taliban.

According to the program Director of the Valdai club and head of the Agency “Foreign policy” Andrew Sushentsov, “in Moscow, gradually the impression of the administration of trump and while it’s very discreet”. “The strike on Syria showed that in the name of the political problems the White house is ready to make experiments and to sacrifice relations with important partners, he said, “Kommersant”.— That line is the one-sidedness characteristic of all US administrations, and it is extremely annoying Moscow. A personal meeting between the two leaders will not be able to rectify a curve of a relationship, if it is ascertained that the United States still will not be anyone to be.”

According to the CEO of the Russian international Affairs Council Andrei Kortunov, “during the first personal meeting between presidents of Russia and the USA, most likely, will not discuss many specific issues that require detailed study”. “The main purpose of this meeting will consist not in how to find solutions to Syria or Ukraine. The two leaders must first send bureaucratic structures in Moscow and in Washington a clear message on the need to stop war of words and gestures and finally begin work on finding common ground”, — he explained “Kommersant”. Without such a signal situation, according to experts, will not move from a dead point.

According to experts, the agreement on the meeting with the designation of its probable time will inevitably have a stimulating effect on the team’s two leaders, who will be tasked to a specific deadline to reach a certain agenda. “It is also important that the timing of the summit coincides with the scheduled for the end of may, another meeting of NATO, where relations with Russia will be one of the key issues. Agreeing to meet with Vladimir Putin at this time, Donald trump made it clear that he is not away from a difficult conversation about Russia with the Western allies, puts it in a drawer and still not have refused to invest in relations with Moscow his political capital,” continues Andrey Kortunov. And he adds: “This is a political decision of the President of trump inspires some optimism.”

In addition, the expert drew attention to the fact that Russian-American relations were personalized with all the administrations in the White house — both democratic and Republican. “Turning points in relations between Russia and the United States since the cold war was associated with the leaders of the two countries, which have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to stop the confrontation. When Donald trump, for which especially means the personal diplomacy, the value of such summits may rise even more”, — concluded the interlocutor of “Kommersant”.

Ivan Safronov, Elena Chernenko, Sergey Strokan.