What important laws waiting for the Russians in may

What important laws waiting for the Russians in may

Submit a Declaration for the tax on incomes of physical persons (personal income tax) for the year 2016 to have time until may 2, inclusive.

Won the lottery — share it with the government

As a rule, income tax pays for our employer, but there are exceptions.

For example, to fill out forms and take them to tax citizens who received income from the sale of property owned less than three years, from the rental of apartments, rooms and other property to rent from business activities, from winning the lottery and so on. This is stated on the website of the Federal tax service.

This rule does not apply to citizens who plan to receive a tax deduction for personal income tax. The deadline of submission of declarations on 2 may 2017 not applicable. They can do it at any time.

Change of registration fee

4 may change the state duty for filing the court. Amendments made to the law of April 3, 2017 No. 57-FZ “About modification of article 333.21 333.22 and part two of the Tax code of the Russian Federation”.

When filing the appeal against the court order will have to pay only half of the state duty payable when filing a claim non-material nature. And the entire amount in full, you will make those who submit a Supervisory complaint.

Now the state duty when filing a claim non-property costs to citizens and 300 rubles, and organizations — 6 thousand rubles.

The transfer of money abroad will become more difficult

On the fifth of may transfer money from Russia to the person who lives in another country, become more difficult. This is stated in the Federal law of April 3, 2017 № 59-FZ “About modification of the Federal law “About national payment system”.

It is true that difficulties will arise only if the foreign country will introduce a ban against the Russian payment systems. As the document in this case requires to do a money transfer abroad through an operator, which is controlled by Russian legal entity.

Such strict measures, Russia has gone after Ukraine blocked the work of the Russian payment systems. According to experts, it will protect the interests of operators of payment systems and money.

On the packaging write what they are made

Since may 21, the requirements for packaging in which to store food. Close attention will be paid to the packaging of baby food. Such changes made to the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of packaging”.

In addition, manufacturers will have to write on the package information about the material from which it is made. But those made under the old rules until may 21, 2017, will not be removed from sale. Can be applied to the end of their validity period.

Truckers entered in the register

Until the end of may horticultural, gardening and dacha partnerships are required to create registers of their members. From this official document, the changes which are made according to a strict procedure will depend on the legality of decisions of General meetings of country organizations including the size of contributions.

They must be a quorum of 50 percent plus one person from the list in the registry.