Voters bred in places

Voters bred in places

The CEC discusses the rules by which presidential elections.

The Central election Commission (CEC) yesterday discussed the “order of application” through which citizens can not vote at the place of registration at the regional and presidential elections.

Instead of absentee ballots for the first time will use electronic ways to “transfer” voters to other areas. To approve the members of the CEC will be in may — after the adoption of amendments to the legislation.

The CEC discussed the procedure of voting of Russians on the “location”. Adopted on first reading amendments to the electoral law allow the disclaimer of “absentee ballots”. Such certificates voters received no later than three days before the vote in your electoral Commission and could vote at any polling station. However, how exactly to replace the absentee ballots, the bill of Senator Andrey Klishas not spelled out.

Second reading representatives of the parliamentary opposition demanded from the CEC to present a clear order of voting on “location”. According to the design, which yesterday presented at the meeting of the Central election Commission the Chairman of the Commission Nikolay Bulaev, the voter under the new rules should be no earlier than 45 days and not later than 5 days in the territorial election Commission (TEC) or precinct election Commission (PEC) not earlier than 10 and not later than 5 days before the vote. If the person lives, for example, in Magadan and knows that on election day he will be in Moscow, then he needs to go to Magadan the TEC or the PEC at the place of residence. There is a voter must submit an application, which must be specified on which part he is going to vote on election day. In the area where he would vote, it will be included in the voter list.

It is assumed that for the transmission of information about the place of voting will be used a special centralized database for processing the gas “Vybory”. To finalize software and hardware, required to implement the Commission’s ideas will have Federal center of Informatization at the Central election Commission before the end of the regional campaign. The information stored in “database processing”, will be available to the CEC and regional election commissions and all the TEAK. However, for the timely transmission from the PEC to the PEC information on the retired lists of the voters will take at least four days, said yesterday at the meeting of the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

The “order” that is now deliberating the CEC, still allows to use not only electronic means for voting not at the place of registration. In particular, it permits to apply to the PEC even on the eve of polling day (no later than 17:00) in order to receive your coupon with the brand, you would be able to come to any other PEC and vote (after the vote, stamp torn off). Nikolay Bulaev has not become yesterday, to answer the question of who exactly came up with the idea for the actual saving of absentee ballots, assuring that it is the collective idea of the “working group”. In his words, “people who come for the absentee is active people want to vote,” he recommends, if additional stations will come more than 200 thousand voters.

“The procedure with electronic statements turned out like on the current with absentee ballots”, — said “Kommersant” head of the expert Advisory Council under the head of the CEC, co-Chairman of movement “the Voice” Andrey Buzin.

But “it is easier and therefore can work on appearance increase”, the expert believes. Strengthening the “external control”, in his opinion, could serve as individual “electronic card of the voter.”

However, Mr Buzin sure that the vote on “location” will not be widely used for fraud, as the current installation of power — the result without fraud. But the “compulsion to voting “location” still possible,” he said.

Viktor Khamraev