Venezuela will begin the process of withdrawal from the Organization of American States

Delsi Rodriguez

Venezuela will start the procedure of withdrawal from the Organization of American States. About it as transfers RIA Novosti, in a televised address said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez.

“Tomorrow, as instructed by President Nicolas Maduro, we will present to the OAS a written claim and start the procedure, which will take 24 months,” — said the head of Department.

In the case of the OAS, Venezuela will become the only country of America, not a member of this organization.

Wednesday, April 26, the permanent Council of the OAS decided to convene an emergency meeting of foreign Ministers to discuss the situation in Venezuela. Prior to that, Rodriguez said that he had received from Maduro instructed to begin the process of withdrawal from the OAS, subject to this meeting.

In Venezuela, the ongoing political crisis against the backdrop of economic problems caused by the fall in world oil prices — the main export commodity of the Republic. On the streets of cities across the country protesting supporters of the opposition. According to recent reports, during the demonstrations against the government of Maduro and his support in Venezuela from 4 April killed 29 people, 65 arrested, all were arrested almost 1.3 thousand people.