The Prosecutor General declared “Open Russia” junk organization

A meeting of the public movement “Open Russia”

Russian Prosecutor General’s office declared the organization “Open Russia” is undesirable. On Wednesday, April 26, reported on the Agency’s website.

Activity in the UK was “Open Russia”, which was founded by the former head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky, “aimed at instigating protests and destabilizing the internal political situation in Russia,” reads the statement.

A similar status was rated in the US, the Institute of modern Russia, headed by Pavel Khodorkovsky, and Social network movement “Open Russia”.

The Prosecutor’s office found that these organizations implement projects in order to discredit taking place in Russia the elections and recognizing their results illegitimate.

On 15 April it became known that Khodorkovsky resigned as Chairman of the movement “Open Russia”.

Public organization “Open Russia” appeared in 2001, its founders were the shareholders of the YUKOS oil company, Chairman of the Board Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Among the priority activities were designated “promote the dissemination of objective and truthful information about the activities of Russian state and public institutions” and “continual monitoring and public expertise of Russian legislation”.

In 2006, the “Open Russia” ceased to exist after the arrest of all accounts. The movement resumed its activities in November 2016, when Helsinki hosted the founding conference. “Open Russia” was again headed by Khodorkovsky.

The law on undesirable foreign and international organizations signed in may 2015. He resolves to acknowledge the activities of relevant NGOs, threatening the foundations of the constitutional system of Russia, its defense capability or security, unwanted in the country.