The head of the Council of Europe has offered to send in Crimea mission for the prevention of torture

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe (COE) Thorbjorn Jagland proposed to send to the Crimea the mission of the European Committee for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. On Tuesday, April 25, reports TASS.

“I get causing concern reports about the situation in the prisons in the Crimea, so I assume that we should strongly insist on the mission of the European Committee for the prevention of torture in Crimea. We believe that they should get access and do their work there”, — he told, answering questions of deputies of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg.

Torture complained, in particular, the accused on charges of preparing terrorist acts in Crimea, detained in August 2016, the FSB. Appropriate treatment, they sent in December of the same year in law enforcement bodies of Russia.

In November, the delegation of Ukraine at the meeting of the Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations for humanitarian Affairs, in the draft resolution criticized the situation with human rights in Crimea. Representatives of Russia, in turn, noted the biased nature of the document and pointed out that projects are not taken into account military and other crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities and documented by the Office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights

The Russian delegation in PACE was deprived of substantive powers in April 2014 because of the events in the East of Ukraine and Crimea. In response, Russia stopped its participation in the Assembly. This year Russia did not submit an application for the authority, although paid a fee to the Council of Europe, intended including to work to the PACE.