The delegation of Ukraine expects the resignation of the head of the PACE because of his trip to Syria


RIA Novosti

The head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE (parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) Vladimir Aryans expects the head of the Assembly, Pedro Agramunt to the end of this session, will resign because of his recent visit to Syria.

On Tuesday, the Assembly held a hearing at which the PACE President was asked questions about his trip to Syria. Monday Agramunt, opening the Assembly, described his visit to Syria is a mistake.

The delegation of Russian parliamentarians headed by Vice-speaker of the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev together with Agramunt visited Syria in March and held meetings including with President Bashar al-Assad.

During the visit Agramunt stressed that he arrived in Syria with the “role perfectly of a private nature, not representing the Assembly”. However, in the ranks of the PACE Chairman’s visit to Syria has drawn criticism.

Immediately after the speech, the MEPs asked the President of the vote of no confidence.

In the office of the Assembly, RIA Novosti explained that “such a procedure (censure motion) PACE no.” The resignation can only take the head of PACE, voluntarily.

“At the last Bureau meeting we discussed the urgent proposal to amend the rules of procedure in regard to the recall of the members of which are appointed to important positions in the Assembly because of this procedure, we are still not there,” said the Aryans, speaking at the PACE.

“If someone is appointed, there must be the possibility of recall. This is a very serious issue, a big topic for the Assembly at the moment”, — said the head of the Ukrainian delegation.

“The last trip to Syria three of our representatives only confirmed that we must continue to talk about how to strengthen, strengthen the responsibility of members of the Assembly, and I want to emphasize that I and many colleagues are still waiting, Mr Agramunt to the end of this session, will resign from his post,” said Aryan.