Scientists have discovered why the little whales say “whisper”

Scientists have discovered why the little whales say “whisper”

Adult humpback whales are known for their love of operatic singing, which spreads throughout the ocean. At the same time, young Humpbacks talking “whispering” — they communicate with their mothers with a quiet “creak” and “pokracovani”. Scientists have learned why this is so.

A new study shows that a loud voice of a whale may attract intruders: males Humpbacks who might want to take the baby to the mother for mating, and the whales who like to dine on young whales, reports Science.

To record sounds, scientists attached special devices for eight mom-whales in the Exmouth Gulf of Western Australia, where humpback whales suckle their young. For several months toddlers gain weight in preparation for the annual migration to Antarctica or the Arctic.

After listening to the record, scientists have concluded that whales in his quiet crying not begging for food, as previously thought. These sounds help mom and baby to maintain contact during the voyage. In addition, it allows not to attract potential predators to “child”.