Peskov told about the St. George ribbon on my bag

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Peskov

There are no restrictions on carrying and use of symbolism, the ribbons should not be, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. His words on Thursday, April 27, the correspondent “”.

Thus he commented on publications of mass-media where it was reported that in Moscow it is planned to conduct raids against unethical use of symbols of Victory.

“I have 8 years wearing a St. George ribbon on my bag. And I’m proud of her. And I don’t wish I was someone punished for what I wear St. George ribbon” — Peskov said, answering journalists ‘ question about, do not believe the Kremlin is necessary to limit the use of this symbol.

In November 2016, the authorities of Brest urged the drivers of urban minibuses do not place the ribbons in the cabin. This step they went after a complaint from a local resident. Later transport enterprise “Bretherton” and the Executive Committee held a meeting at which spoke about the inadmissibility of accommodation in public transport, various flags and religious paraphernalia.

St. George ribbon — black and orange or black and yellow ribbon for the order of St. George, and the Soviet order of Glory. In 2005 started the action “Georgievsky ribbon”, under which the Victory Day in the great Patriotic war handed out tape of the same color.