Helmut Kohl receives from his biographer compensation of €1 million

Helmut Kohl receives from his biographer compensation of €1 million

BERLIN, April 27. /Offset. TASS Anton Dolgunov/. The land court of Cologne sided with former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1982-1998.), who demanded compensation from his biographer Heribert Schwan of. The former head of the government of the country will now receive the amount of €1 million, appropriate verdict was handed down on Thursday.

Schwan worked with Kohl from 2001 to 2002, during this time, the carriers have been recorded about 600 hours of talks, which were to form the basis of a biography policy. The parties subsequently refused to cooperate with each other, but the writer continued to decipher the writing and to publish books about the former Chancellor.

In one of the passages cited rough quote nick, the publication of which I Schwan was not.

A biographer has claimed that with a client he never discussed what to print and what not. In his words, dictaphone, he worked constantly and Since this allegedly knew.

The former Chancellor argued that the same quote has been posted against his will and considered it a violation of individual rights and sued. The law was on his side.

The verdict can be challenged in a higher court.

Initially, the former head of the Cabinet demanded from his former biographer of the payment in size €5 million