Famous people, something which threw

Famous people, something which threw

To blogger # 1 in Russia Ilya Varlamov April 26 at the airport of Stavropol threw cake and poured green paint.

Edition ivbg.ru decided to recall similar incidents with well-known personalities.

The Shoes Bush

In December 2008, 43 of the US President during a press conference in Baghdad the man threw two shoes. In Arab culture to throw shoes at someone equivalent to the strongest insult.

2. Egg attack on Yanukovych

The former President of Ukraine was absolutely now attempted. Egg. After a direct hit in the chest Viktor Yanukovych fell and could not rise. Fell, apparently, from fear.

3. Saakashvili’s bombardment of glass

But the former Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili threw a glass to his colleague. The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov did not spare the water and tried to shoot his opponent in a hot dispute. The incident happened on December 16, 2015 meeting of the national Council of reforms.

4. Dessert for Kasyanov

The leader of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov has thrown a pie in the face in one of capital restaurants. No one was hurt, but Michael didn’t like dessert.

5. Alex “Green Hulk” Bulk

Well-known opposition leader, national activist and public figure, 20 March 2017, was warmly received in Barnaul. When he was walking down the street with his bodyguards, he was approached by a young man and made a real shower of green fodder. Bulk took the incident with humor.

6. Cash Sepp

20, 2015 press conference of the former head of FIFA Joseph (Sepp) Blatter began with a scandal. Above his head a bundle of dollars scattered British comedian Simon Brodkin. Brodkin, acting under the pseudonym of Lee Nelson, believed that the DPRK pays Blatter, to get permission to hold the World Cup 2026. In the same year Sepp left the scene of the FIFA President.

7. Scrambled eggs in French

Egg shell landed on the head of one of favourites of presidential race in France Emmanuel Makron March 1 of this year. He, in contrast to Yanukovych, was not afraid, that is not true of his bodyguards.

8. Makarevich di pomodoro

Famous Russian musician Andrei Makarevich September 29, 2014, threw tomatoes at a private concert. The political subtext: many did not like the stance of Andrew about the situation around Ukraine.

9. Gangsta Obama

Finally cast in a famous person and a famous person. Former President Barack of Cheating after one of his speeches threw the microphone like a real rapper. It turned out effectively.