Chinese users of social networks interested in the wife of Macron

Bridget Macron

For many Chinese users of social networks, the wife of a candidate for President of France Emmanuel Makron was more interesting than the political campaign policy. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

According to the newspaper, many topics about Brigitte macron appeared in WeChat. One of them is called “Makron: it’s a road to love a lot more exciting his path to the presidency”. The Chinese were surprised by the age difference between spouses: most policy 39 years, and Brigitte — 64. WeChat users also drew attention to the fact that macron was the adopted grandfather in 30 years.

As noted by The South China Morning Post, the circumstances of the marriage of the French policy resulted in the fact that users of Chinese social media began to compare it with the negative character of popular anti-corruption TV series “In the name of the people” Qi Tanveer. The plot of Qi’s sacrificing love for a career and marry the woman who is his senior by ten years, the daughter of an influential official.

Other netizens came to the defense of Him and remembered that the popular 51-year-old singer Aaron Kwok is married to 29-year-old woman. “If the marriage is happy, who cares how old we are,” wrote one user WeChat.

The second round of presidential elections in France will take place on 7 may. In addition to the Makron, the highest in the country office claims to be a politician with extreme right-wing views, marine Le Pen.