The number of happy Russians has reached historic highs, the survey showed

The number of happy Russians has reached historic highs, the survey showed

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. The proportion of Russians who feel happy, reached a historical peak during the polls since 1990, today say 85% of our fellow citizens, and the main reasons for their happiness are called a family, children and good health, it follows from the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

A nationwide survey “polls-Sputnik” was held March 31 — April 2, 2017 and 1.8 among thousands of respondents through telephone interviews. The statistical error does not exceed 2.5%.

“The level of happiness of Russians subjectively have reached 85% — the highest figure for all years of measurements”, — stated in the materials of the survey.

A high percentage of happy sociologists recorded in all socio-demographic groups. However, according to the poll, young respondents aged 18-24 years and people with high estimated incomes are more optimistic in this matter (95% and 94%, respectively) than the elderly (82% in the group older than 60 years) and respondents complaining about their financial situation (63%).

The happiness index calculated VTSIOM, is measured in points, its value can range from -100 to 100: the higher it is, the happier you feel the Russians. In early April, the index was 72 points, which also was a historical high for the period of measurements the polls.

So, in April last year, the index was at around 68 points, in November — 66 points.

The previous high (70 points) was recorded polls in October 2015, and the minimum value of the index (6 points) sociologists observed in February 1992.

“Among friends and relatives 35% of respondents is dominated by happy people, more dissatisfied with life in their environment see 12%. Every second Respondent (50%) noted a roughly equal number of those and others in their environment”, — noted in the study.

On the basis of these answers, sociologists calculated the index of social happiness, which shows whether prevail in an environment of respondents happy or unhappy people. It can be set from 10 to 90 points: the higher, the happier the Russians seem to other Russians. The value of this index increased slightly, with 55 points last fall to 58 in the spring of 2017. This index, according to VTSIOM, was slightly higher in 2012 (62 items) APR 2014 (61 points) and March 2015 (60 points).

Make Russians happy family — a reason named by 32% of respondents compared to 20% six months ago, and the children (19% vs 20%).

For every fifth (21%) today the key to happiness is good health and the health of loved ones (against 13% in November of last year).

“However, health is first in the list of reasons to feel unhappy (6%). Dissatisfaction and sadness also cause financial difficulties (9%), low salaries and delays in payments (6%), poor state of Affairs in the country (6%)”, — stated in the materials of the survey.

VTSIOM also calculated a global index of happiness on the methodology to Gallup, respondents were asked to answer the question of happy or unhappy he feels in connection with the events in your personal life. The value of this index was 65 points (74% said happy, and 9% that is unhappy). In the past year, according to Gallup International, the value of the corresponding index for Russia was at the level of 51 points, while the index of happiness in the world was 59 points.

The expert polls Oleg chernozub said that in terms of, “when this is protracted, the public consciousness is ready to greedily soak up any positive news.” In recent months, such news, he said, were the emerging growth in industrial production and GDP, the strengthening of the ruble, the decline of tension around Syria and North Korea.

All these factors stimulate emotional lift. However, we should not forget that the main “generators” of happiness continue to be factors of personal life. This suggests that people continue to leave in the “inner world” of the family, to the best of distractions from the problems of the “outside world”, which continue to be perceived as very painful.Oleg chernozub expert polls

Company “Medialogia” reviewed the references from different regions of Russia in the context of the concept of “happiness” in social media — social networks, blogs and forums.

As it turned out, lead to the number of mentions in this context the two capitals — Moscow (28.4% of mentions) and St. Petersburg (15.2 per cent).

The top ten also included the Crimea, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Novosibirsk oblast, Sverdlovsk oblast, Krasnodar Krai, Udmurtiya, Tatarstan and Mari El. “Medialogia” has analyzed more than 1 million messages in the period 1 to 25 April 2017.