The government is preparing to cleaning

The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin Monday, April 24, announced the reorganization of its Department. Innovations are promised to take place before the end of 2017. The experience of economic development can probably be extended to all government reports “gazety”.

The Minister promised rapid career growth of officials to 35.

“Currently, most of the employees are aged below 35 years… De facto our Ministry be called a Ministry for a new generation,” said Oreshkin.

In addition, according to the Minister of economic development, the trainees who came to the office this year, can also achieve great success in 10-15 years of service. However, Oreshkin said the prospects of those officials who are older than 35.

He also noted that to date the Ministry has a structure that meets the obsolete tasks.

“It is impossible to implement large-scale plans change, you can only maintain the status quo,” said Oreshkin.

According to him, first and foremost, the Ministry will create a Department “on introduction of changes in all areas of responsibility of the Ministry.”

The reorganization plan will complete by the end of 2017. Just by the time when Moscow will start thinking about a new government that will come after the presidential election in 2018.

The secret tells why there is a risk that Russia will repeat the fate of Venezuela and how to avoid them.