The freed prisoner offer to give 50 000 roubles


RIA Novosti

Former inmates when they are released I propose to give not less than 50 000 rubles, which they must earn themselves. All prisoners it is planned to provide jobs — with the business community. The appropriate economic model was developed by a member of the Public Council under the Federal penitentiary service, head of the Association of trade unions of law enforcement bodies, Alexey Lobarev.

Association of trade unions of law enforcement offers to give inmates when they are released from prison at least 50 thousand rubles, which they must earn themselves. About it, he told RT the head of the Association, a member of the Public Council under the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) Alexey Lobarev.

He believes that the money to get former prisoners, is not enough to arrange your life in a “transition” period. Therefore, they often start to get money the usual way — breaking the law.

“Now 50-80% of released prisoners soon (right after release. — RT) “come back” because they have no means of livelihood. And two-thirds of the crimes just committed by people who have no money. Because they have to (when release. — RT) had a phone to call, were able to buy something, go through some retraining and get a job, pay for a couple of months, housing or rent, and so on,” says Lobarev.

Money for life on freedom can be earned during punishment. However, according to the head of the Association of law enforcement, in the Russian penal system employed a little more than 30% of the convicts, the rest are just not enough jobs. For work, the prisoners received inadequate amounts of money, some of which are listed in the repayment claims, and often — remaining free families.

As a result, people are unable to create an adequate “financial cushion” for the first months of life in the wild, said Gubarev. Disabled inmates when they are released, by law, charged only 850 rubles.

To remedy the situation it is proposed to develop a new economic model to train inmates professions in demand and to attract businesses to provide jobs. It will provide the money for living in freedom.

“The released prisoner shall have not less than 50 thousand rubles. The state should give him, and he needs to earn added Gubarev. Women could sew, be chefs or hairdressers, and men to work at the factory and working professions — a Builder, a driver, Turner, fitter, carpenter, in these professions there is a shortage of workers. Here it is necessary to talk to the head of the Federal penitentiary service with the guide of factories which are interested in retraining prisoners, and ready to take on this mission. We already have for this reason certain agreements with the chamber of Commerce, funds of Industrialists and entrepreneurs certain”.

A member of the public Council of the Federal penitentiary service also noted that it is necessary to provide the prisoners during their stay in prison to learn new, in demand profession today, as well as driving and then get a driver’s license.

The proposed measures will allow to earn enough money not only to life after prison, but also to recoup part of the cost of maintaining the prisoner. Thus, it will decrease the burden on the state budget. According to Gubareva, now content serving sentences of people the government has allocated “several hundred billion rubles,” which are formed at the expense of taxpayers.

The initiative will be presented on Thursday, April 27, at the round table in the Federal penitentiary service in Moscow.

The President of the Russian section of the International society for human rights Vladimir Novitsky told RT that today, the prisoner can earn 50 thousand rubles for the first time life on the outside extremely difficult.

“From wages of the convicted subtracted money for its maintenance, to compensation for material and moral damages for claims, and real wages of the convict is so small that the accumulation of 50 thousand rubles of their personal income will need from five to ten years. The money that the prisoners remain after all deductions is about 2 thousand rubles,” — said Novitsky.

The expert notes that the amount of wages of convicts (5 000 — 10 000 rubles) is significantly lower than those received by citizens at large. Therefore, wages of prisoners should be improved and brought to a more adequate level.

The government needs to think about the employment of those who have already served his sentence and was released — through the introduction of quotas for enterprises where ex-prisoners could easily get a job, says Novitsky. And for making ex-prisoners into work they should be given tax breaks.

The expert of Fund “for convicts ‘ rights protection” Peter Kuryanov not agree that prisoners need to make themselves “free” life. He believes that the concern about the financial condition of released prisoners is the responsibility of the state, as those who have spent a long time in prison, crimes to commit, it is relatively easy and familiar.

“To those who essentially is a professional criminals will not be tempted to go on the offense to just get dressed and eat,” said the Kuryanov.

Member of the expert Council of the Russian public organization “Business Russia” Vladislav Zhukovsky said that the business may be interested in the employment of prisoners on their businesses, if we are not talking about highly intellectual activities.

“If it will be simple activities, then Yes, it’s possible (that business take on the work of prisoners. — RT) — says Zhukovsky. — Despite what this business is. Metallurgical company, or mine will be ready this labor to pick up.”