The CEC has found a way to return to the areas from 5 to 20 million voters

The CEC has found a way to return to the areas from 5 to 20 million voters

The CEC is ready to discuss the draft regulation on the voting, which is not at the place of permanent residence. As said the source “Vedomosti”, the authors proposed two methods of replacement absentee ballots.

The adoption of a new regulation on the vote of citizens at the place of stay and not registration will allow you to return to the polls from 5 to 20 million people, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the estimates of the Central electoral Commission.

The newspaper’s sources familiar with the document said that the new regulations envisage two ways of registering voter in the area at the place of stay.

The first way is to appeal to the territorial Commission or in the data center for 5-45 days before the vote, a statement which the voter must indicate where it will be on election day. In response they tell him where he can go to vote, I will include it there in the voter list and excluded from list by place of residence. A voter may also apply in the data center, and 5-10 days on their site with the statement, where it will be on election day, however, the newspaper notes, the CEC and the Ministry of communications discussing how to ensure the flow of applications through the state services portal.

The second method allows you to let go in less than five days before the election. The voter should contact their precinct Committee with the statement. There on the application will paste a special stamp with tear-off tab. This spine tear at the site where the voter come to vote, and pasted in the list of voters.

According to the authors of the project, this procedure should prevent multiple voting of the same received an absentee ballot voter on different sites.

Discussion of the new regulations should take place in the CEC on Wednesday, April 26. The head of the expert Advisory group under the Chairman of the CEC Andrey Buzin has warned that the new order is not a guarantee against manipulation. According to him, absentee indicated at least the passport data of voters, and to monitor the trademark, which can be peel and stick, much more difficult.