Sarkozy’s announced support of Him in the second round of elections in France

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that in the second round of the presidential election he will support the candidate of the movement “Forward!” Emmanuel Makron. About this former French leader said in his Twitter.

As indicated in his statement, Sarkozy is disappointed by results of the first round of the elections, the outcome of which struggle for the presidency continue macron and supported the “National front” marine Le Pen.

“I am confident that the election of Le Pen and the implementation of its plans poses a serious threat to the country and for the French. In the second round I will vote for Emanuel Rules that in no way doesn’t mean I support his political project,” wrote Sarkozy.

After the first round of the French presidential elections, several prominent politicians have urged their supporters to vote in the second round of the Macron. In particular, such statements made by incumbent President Francois Hollande, did not pass the second round the candidate from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon, and several others.

7 may of this year will be the final round of voting which will be announced the new head of the French state.