On Board United Airlines killed giant rabbit

On Board United Airlines killed giant rabbit

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. A giant rabbit named Simon, claiming to be the largest in the world, died in a plane United Airlines, writes The Telegraph.

90-centimeter animal were transported from Britain to the U.S. in the Luggage compartment. Before departure at Heathrow it was examined by veterinarians, who said that the animal is absolutely great. However, in the Chicago O’hare airport found him already dead.

United Airlines in new PR disaster, kills the giant bunny rabbit on plane https://t.co/sVoiknawiw pic.twitter.com/XtbzYNd1Z8

— Thinker (@SmellTheTea) 25 APR 2017

What was the cause of the death of the rabbit, not yet reported. The mistress of Simon reported that he has many times been on a plane and endured the normal way.

EXCLUSIVE: Valuable giant rabbit dies on United Airlines plane https://t.co/CGQJKjnPCS pic.twitter.com/86Xa5EX32T

— The Sun (@TheSun) 25 APR 2017

Simon was to receive the title as the largest rabbit in the world, which now bears his father.

This is not the first major scandal with United Airlines last month. In early April in the Chicago airport three passengers were asked to let the airline employees. One of them refused to leave the Board, then the security staff literally dragged him out of the plane, causing serious injuries.

After the incident hit the media, the capitalization of the carrier decreased by nearly $1 billion Several hundred thousand users of social networks called for a boycott of the airline.

A week later, United Airlines was removed from the flight of the newlyweds, who flew on a honeymoon, as young people move to empty seats in the cabin, which is worth more due to superior.