Mizulina told about the dangers from imposing a tax on childlessness


RIA Novosti

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction, Yelena Mizulina, criticized the proposal to introduce a tax on childlessness. This was reported on the website of the Senator.

According to Mizulina, the initiative is reckless and unfair. “It has the potential to cause more harm than to have any positive effects: it to brand and transform into second-class people will be indiscriminately. A person, for example, may not have children for health reasons, because of infertility. Man, and so unhappy in this situation, but it is also imposing a tax,” she said.

The Senator also added that today’s youth takes a balanced approach to creating a family and having children after the “get back on my feet”, so the marriages began to register at a later age. “To punish people for what they are either unhealthy or are committed to responsible parenting, at least unfair,” she concluded.

Earlier in April, Deputy Chairman of Moscow city Council Nikolay Gubenko has proposed to impose a capital tax on childlessness for the wealthy. “Let it be pennies, but those pennies will be spent on milosrdnych family members on the needs of large families,” he said.

A tax on childlessness existed in the USSR as “a tax on bachelors, singles and small families of citizens” from 1941 until the collapse of the Union. Childless men from 20 till 50 years and childless married women from 20 to 45 years were obliged to pay six percent of salary to the state. Tax-exempt those who could not have children for health reasons.