Mercedes driver shot in the head by another after an accident in Moscow

In the center of Moscow the driver of the Mercedes shot in the head by another motorist after an accident. Then the attacker fled the scene. For his capture in the city introduced the plan “Interception”, reported “Interfax” on Tuesday, April 25, sources.

In a press-service of a capital Central Board of the police confirmed this information and stated that the victim survived threats to his life there.

The accident occurred on the Butyrsky Shaft. According to the police, after the accident “one of the drivers was wounded the other, presumably from a traumatic weapons, and disappeared.”

As specified a source in law enforcement bodies RIA Novosti, the gunman felt that the blame for the accident his opponent.

An eyewitness told video News Service details of the incident: “On Butyrsky to the Shaft at the house No. 5 Mazda car left the pavement, leaving the chase of two cars, the driver tried to hide in the nearest cafe. They chased him, began to shoot.” In the end, the driver of the Mazda was injured, came to him soon.