“Congenital trooper-head”

“Congenital trooper-head”

25 APR 1883-born Civil war hero Semyon Budyonny.

Krasnoarmeyskaya helmet with a red star — “budenovka” — named in his honor.

“He alone will be our whole squadrons”, — he said about him Lenin, calling “the most brilliant cavalry commander in the world”.

And certification the legendary commander stated: “a Congenital trooper head… In the position of commander of the Horse indispensable.”

Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny was born April 25, 1883 in the family of a laborer in a Cossack village on the don. Childhood was rotten, I was a blacksmith’s assistant, a blacksmith. With the horse coped not worse than the Cossack for that in the summer of 1900 after riding in the village of Platovskiy received an award from the then Secretary of war a silver ruble.

In 1903 he was drafted into the army. He served in the far East in a Dragoon regiment, participated in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905 As the best cavalry regiment was sent to Petersburg cavalry officer school. Passed the First world in the rank of non-commissioned officer, becoming a full St. George cavalier — 4 cross for bravery.

November 17, 1919 the revolutionary military Council adopted a decision on creation of the First Cavalry armeekommando Kliment Voroshilov, Semyon Budyonny and Sergey Minin pic.twitter.com/zMxqI2dGSK

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His meteoric military career began after the October revolution. Creating revolutionary cavalry unit on the don, he beat Wrangel and Denikin. Oh well, what small military units later, the legendary First cavalry army, commander Budyonny which began in November 1919. The first cavalry played a decisive role in major operations of the Civil war. And her commander learned the whole country.

After the war Budyonny was appointed assistant chief of the red army cavalry and a member of the revolutionary military Council of the USSR. With the powerful Olympus Budyonny went almost to the end of life. And he lived a lot: 90 years.

On the eve of the great Patriotic war Budyonny was first Deputy people’s Commissar of defense of the USSR. By the time the military-nugget finally got the education, graduating from the Military Academy named M. V. Frunze. And in 1935 one of the first to receive the title of Marshal.

In the war of 1941-45, its role is not so great. The cavalry had lost the role of the main strike force. Her place was taken by the iron horse — tanks. However, Budyonny was part of the Supreme command. Participated in the defense of Moscow, was the commander in chief of troops in the South-West direction until September 1941, the commander of the Reserve front, commander in chief of the North Caucasus front and the commander of the North Caucasian front in the spring and summer of 1942.

Marshal Semyon Budyonny in the parade of November 7, 1947 in red square pic.twitter.com/paCnfYGHdY

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After the war Budyonny was appointed Deputy Minister of agriculture of the USSR on the breeding of horses. And no wonder: even before the war he was engaged in breeding new breeds of horses. One species bears his name: Budennovskiy.

Budyonny survived all the heroes of the Civil, survived and Stalin. Became three times Hero of the Soviet Union: in 1958, 63 and 68. How come? How to explain such “vitality”. The daughter of Budyonny denied the friendship of his father with “father of Nations”. However, according to her, Stalin trusted Budyonny, favored him. They joked sometimes.

“Father then and after has a lot of stud farms, took care of them — remember Nina Budennaya, and in the Khrushchev era literally saved the horse herds from slaughter to sausage. With horses such a funny episode related: one day, Semyon Mikhailovich was lucky Stalin’s show stud farms. Very early, at dawn, they drove slowly in an open limousine on Stalingrad, followed by security. Went down the street masterovoy man. Saw the leaders, froze and gave out: “Stalin! Voroshilov! … Ena’s mother, Budyonny!” After this incident, Stalin, Budyonny meeting, so with him and said Hello. However, in my ear said in a whisper”.

Mustache is the only thing that remains today in memory of the legendary commander. The youth, according to street polls, has never heard the name. Although in the USSR it was known to every schoolboy. The question of who Budyonny, one of the young respondents replied: “I guess someone woke up”. This despite the fact that in the 60 years the commander was world famous. US President John Kennedy meeting with Khrushchev inquired about the health of Budyonny.

And health Semyon Mikhailovich differed good, why he lived 90 years. The last time he sat on his horse in ‘ 84. And, as I recall, in the form of: he never sat on a horse in plain clothes. There is a legend that when the Marshal died, his favourite horse is the last Sophist cried in the stall….

Semyon Budyonny, his eldest son Sergey and favorite horse of the Marshal, nicknamed the Sophist in photo B. Ignatovich, 1950s: pic.twitter.com/EsSEsxAiux

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“This army that we created, forged, fostered, such army is able to protect the world, stated in one of his speeches Semyon Budyonny. — We are all with you, the whole party, comrade Lenin, all the people that have created such Armed Forces. And it turned out to be such a force, which crashed all the waves of counter-revolution”.