China launched its first aircraft carrier in their own facilities

China launched its first aircraft carrier in their own facilities

In China, the ceremony of launching the first aircraft carrier designed. Previous in service with the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier Beijing bought from Ukraine in 1998.

China launched its first aircraft carrier in their own facilities, reports Reuters. The Agency notes that this event took place amid rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula.

As the portal to build own aircraft carrier Beijing has started in 2013. The launching of the aircraft carrier was made after the celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the naval forces of China. At the same time, its final commissioning is expected not earlier than 2020.

Have a look of China’s 2nd aircraft #carrier, also 1st domestically-built one, launched in Liaoning, NE #China

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) 26 APR 2017

Plans to float an aircraft carrier, which was given the type 001A China announced in late March. The ship is already installed radar weapons, and the workers completed the hull. At the same time, it is unknown whether it has any weapons.

The Navy is already China’s aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. The first Chinese aircraft carrier was originally founded in the Soviet Union as the aircraft carrier “Riga” project 1143.6. It was launched in 1988 in Nikolayev, and in 1990 it was renamed the “Varyag”. After the collapse of the USSR, he was transferred to the Ukraine, which sent a suggestion about buying it in China. In 1998 the Varyag was purchased by a Chinese company Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd for $20 million the Company claimed to build on its basis an amusement Park, but after moving to China, he was transferred to the Navy and underwent a reconstruction. Adopted it was adopted in 2012.