The United States asked Russia to resume cooperation in the Syrian sky

The United States asked Russia to resume cooperation in the Syrian sky

U.S. Secretary of state during the visit to Moscow made a request to renew the Memorandum.

Washington has asked Russia to restore the mechanism to prevent incidents in the skies of Syria, suspended by Moscow after a surprise missile attack of the USA on the Syrian airfield of Al-Sirat. This “news” reported three sources in the Russian foreign Ministry.

It is at the request of the head of the American foreign Ministry in Moscow on 13 April to renew the Memorandum

Politicians and experts believe that Washington was forced to take this step. Indeed, the lack of coordination with the Russian side may lead to negative consequences.

The theme of the renewal of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the Syrian sky were discussed during the visit to Moscow by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. This “Izvestia” said diplomatic sources.

Rex Tillerson, being in Moscow appealed to Russian authorities with a request to resume the action soglasheniy of the interlocutors of “Izvestia”

In Moscow, noted that such a step the American side proceeds from the need first of all the United States in coordination with the Syrian sky.

Washington’s policy is pragmatism. In the state Department understands that the strategic initiative in the Syrian sky is in the hands of the Russian HQs. Thus, to avoid unexpected situations in the air, the United States make such pressouyre Morozovtsi of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs

Russia has suspended the prisoner with the United States of the Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and ensuring the safety of aviation on 7 April. This happened after the Americans inflicted more than 50 attacks by cruise missiles on the Syrian airfield of Al-Sirat in the province of HOMS. So the U.S. responded to the incident with the alleged use of chemical weapons.

According to the American leadership, the Syrian air force on April 4 attacked the city of Khan shaykhun the attacks using chemical warfare agents, which led to the death of over 80 people. In Russia believe that in this case speech could go or about the provocation or that the Syrian missile hit a warehouse with chemical weapons belonging to the militants.

Already on 13 April, i.e. the day after the end of Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow, us state Department spokesman mark Toner said that the mechanism for preventing incidents in the air acts. In the Russian diplomatic Department have not confirmed this information. And on 14 April, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Memorandum will resume if Washington will not recur unpredictably.

According to a leading researcher of the Center for partnership of civilizations MGIMO Yuri Zinin, due to the request of the Americans who came to the United States understanding that the gap of cooperation with Russia in Syria could lead to very dire consequences for them.

Washington provoked us into a reaction. Moreover, taking into account that we are talking about the violation of Syrian sovereignty, our steps are pretty moderate. But, apparently, Americans understand the consequences of lack of coordination. In particular, this could lead to the death of the advisors and U.S. troops in Serially Cyninwebmin researcher of the Center for partnership of civilizations MGIMO

Russia, by putting the mechanism on incident prevention in the sky, made it clear that will not allow the US to take unilateral and inconsistent decisions in Syria. Apparently, this signal in Washington get it.