The government wanted to give the seized animals from poachers

Dmitry Pristanskov

The government made the offer to give free withdrawn from poachers of animals in zoos and research centers. This was announced by the head of Department Dmitry Pristanskov at session of organizing Committee on holding the year of ecology in Russia, reports “Interfax”.

Now the animals seized from poachers and are not included in the Red book, are on balance of Agency. They are put up for auction or destroyed in the absence of buyers. Among these animals, walrus, killer whale, lynx and seals. The Agency does not have the right to give to environmental organizations.

Pristanskov made two proposals. The first applies to all animals whose condition does not allow them to return to their natural habitat. He called to donate to their respective organizations and added that the main task of the Department is the preservation of life of animals, not maximizing income.

The head of Rosimushchestvo cited the case seized from poachers trot without one paw. The animal has left the staff of the research Institute who wanted to take it, but by law it was impossible. Zoos also refused to buy the predator with a disability. The same thing happened with the walruses, which was going to take the staff of Utrish Dolphinarium-nursery in the Krasnodar region.

The second sentence Pristanskaya was the need to ensure normal conditions for the animals, and he also urged a ban on their export abroad.

The head of Rosprirodnadzor, Artem Sidorov, at the same meeting, promised to solve the issue of the donation of animals in institutions.