The dog didn’t recognize much thinner master

The dog didn’t recognize much thinner master

MOSCOW, 25 APR — RIA Novosti. The dog recognizes his master after he was absent from home for more than a month.

Shane Godfrey of the North Carolina state lost about 23 pounds because of the surgery, according to local TV station WBTV.

A video posted on Facebook Sam Godfrey. The footage shows that at first the dog barks loudly and is afraid to approach the man, but then Shane finds out by the smell and runs to him.

When you have lost so much weight that your dog has to smell you to realize who you are. And being gone 5 weeks doesn’t help but the reaction as soon as he recognizes the smell is priceless. * Jukin Media Verified *
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Posted by Shane Godfrey on Sunday, 2 April 2017

“This reaction, as soon as he (the dog — ed.) will know your smell, is invaluable”, according to Godfrey in the caption to the video.