The Americans experienced a passenger quadcopter

The Americans experienced a passenger quadcopter

Multirotor Flyer is designed for flying over water.

The American company Kitty Hawk, the financing of which involved Google co-founder Larry page, April 24, 2017 tested a single of the quadcopter developed for a short flight over the city. Video of the first flight of the machine, the company has published on its YouTube channel.

Today many companies engaged in the development of a new individual aircraft to be used not only as a private transport, but in the air taxi business. It comes as a different sort hoverbike (flying motorcycles) and about flying vehicles and small electric aircraft.

New development in Kitty Hawk called Flyer (this is probably an allusion to the “flyer” of the Wright brothers, the first in the world equipped with a motor plane), rather belongs to the class hoverball. The machine made its first flight over the lake in the suburbs of San Francisco. How much time he spent in the air, is not specified.

Flyer made by the scheme oktokopter. The pilot is located midway between the beams, which have electric motors with rotors. The top screws are closed with a safety net. According to the statement of Kitty Hawk, the first prototype of the aircraft designed specifically to fly over water, so he installed the floats. With their help, he can land on water and take off with her.

The new aircraft is fully electric. Kitty Hawk plans to start selling the production version of the Flyer at the end of 2017. The cost of the device has not yet been determined, but the company offers a discount of two thousand dollars for customers who purchase over one hundred dollars three-year membership in the club pilots Kitty Hawk.

It should be noted that the Flyer can be attributed to hoverbikes most not because of its design and management concepts. And hoverbike pilot Flyer saddles it, whereas in a similar apparatus, for example, from the German company E-Volo or Chinese EHang, it is located in a special cabin.

At the end of February of the current year Russian startup Hover Surf presented hoverbayk Scorpion-3. In this device, the developers raised the plane of the rotor above the Central beam, which is a pilot. Thus the center of gravity was below the screws, which increased the stability of. Machine control is via joystick.

Vasily Sychev