Political curiosity. Why the French voted for Erdogan



The election in France was seen Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The name of the Turkish President appeared on many ballots. Some just do not put their candidate on top of other names, but explained on the envelope the choice: “in addition to the leader, to no longer vote for anyone”. And someone even put a picture of Erdogan, to be sure, all was clear, about whom speech. The local Turks – I mean the French of Turkish origin, – that “vote”, willing to share the message about your choice in social networks.

It seems that in Europe this is already starting to get used to. “Candidate erdoğan” occurs in one country to another. Some they have a crisis of choice: obviously those who vote do not like any candidate.

Until it overtakes the main candidates, the authorities do not pay much attention to this trend. And ought to wonder why the locals vote for the President of another country. Perhaps in this they are not satisfied with something. And it’s not close to Erdogan, and that people need anyone other than those whose names appear on the ballots. For example, earlier this year, the French activists urged to nominate President Barack Obama. And the inhabitants of the overseas territories in the local television spoke in the sense that it would be nice to choose Vladimir Putin.

I wonder how the vote will take place in Germany. There’s a local Turkish Diaspora is so active and, according to the statements of Erdogan, is so strong that he probably did and will benefit everyone by a large margin. The case went to the mountain: the referendum on constitutional reform he had already won, now for Europe to take. And then replaced a popular brand of “Russian trace” would come the Turkish trail. Although, given the fact that the relations of Moscow and Ankara have recently improved, and in the spoiling of ballots at desire it is possible to discern the hand of the Kremlin.

Maria Balyabina, radio Sрutnik