Patrushev has promised to rename Petrozavodsk Besovets airport

Nikolai Patrushev

In Karelia will be renamed the Besovets airport, which is located near Petrozavodsk. This was during a session of the state Commission on preparation of celebrating of the 100 anniversary of Karelia has declared, the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev. His words leads to “Interfax”.

Patrushev recalled that this issue has been raised for the first time. He said that the renaming will be agreed with Arthur Parfenchikov, the acting head of Karelia.

The renaming of the Besovets for the first time in April 2016, said the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev. He reasoned it by saying “how to ship call, so it will float”.

In his opinion, the name of Besovets associated with devilry. “I understand it is a territorial name has its roots, but may find something else: “the Terminal Karelia”, for example”, — said the Minister.