Medvedev said about the personal checks of the roads behind the wheel of a car

Medvedev said about the personal checks of the roads behind the wheel of a car

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that he personally driving the car to check the condition of the roads in the regions of the country. According to him, “the situation is far from ideal”, since 40% of regional roads do not meet the requirements.

The condition of roads in Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev trying to control personally, while behind the wheel of a car. About it as informs “RIA Novosti”, said at a meeting on road construction in Omsk region.

During my trips I always try to get behind the wheel and together with the Governor to pass to see how the roads are. To feel, that is, on their feelings, what happens if there are any changes.Dmitry Medvedevputin-Minister

The Prime Minister called the situation with the roads in the country “far from perfect”.

“The situation in the country, and, of course, in the Omsk region, it is, to put it mildly, far from ideal, and on Federal highways, we managed to standard allow more than 70% of the network. This is the movement that has emerged in recent years. But on regional roads, the situation is much worse. Only about 40% meets performance requirements,” he added.

Medvedev also said that the contractors should be responsible for the quality of roads and their repair.

According to him, “we don’t need roads, which are installed for a few months.”

“Of course, you need not money to learn and work to fulfill the deadline. To master the money we have, unfortunately, know how, including road builders, and we need a qualitatively performed work on restoration of roads,” — said Medvedev.

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“As for the defects that were identified on the basis of winter [Omsk region], our winters are harsh, the snow a lot, however there warranty contractors: where defects are caused by the poor quality of the work, necessary within the warranty period to fix it,” — said Medvedev.

In early April, the government has allocated 10 billion rubles between 49 Russian regions, which are intended for the construction of roads of regional, intermunicipal and local value. The largest number of vehicles on the road, according to the government decree, will be received in the Republic of Crimea. There for these purposes will be allocated 1 billion rubles In Belgorod oblast as part of the allocation will go 435,7 million rubles, and in Sevastopol on the development of road networks will be allocated 400 million rubles the minimum amount of funds for the construction of roads, as follows from the document, in turn, will receive of the Republic of Mari El (121,3 mln.), Khakassia (119,2 million rubles), Kamchatka Krai (120,8 million rubles) and the Magadan region (97.2 mln RUB.).

In January 2017 the government has allocated to regions of 8.3 billion rubles for the construction of rural roads. Most in the construction of rural roads will receive Bashkortostan (634 million rubles), Tatarstan (578 million rubles), Udmurtia (520 million rubles) and the Omsk region (464 million rubles).