Living gifts to the Russian President

Living gifts to the Russian President

The Japanese Governor of Akita Prefecture Norihisa Satake said the members of the delegation from Russia on how attached to the cat named Peace given to him by Vladimir Putin in 2012. “Газета.Ru” says someone else from public figures received from the Russian President such gifts.

The Japanese Governor of Akita Prefecture Norihisa Satake said the MPs of the Primorsky Krai, who arrived in Akita, about your cat. The cat named Peace of the breed Neva masquerade was given to him by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2012 — this favor he had a Japanese Governor as a reciprocal gift. The fact that in 2011 Norihisa Satake sent to the Russian President of the puppy of breed Akita-inu as a sign of gratitude for the assistance provided by Russia to the northeast region of Japan affected by the strong earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

In 2016, the grown-up dog named Yume (translated from the Japanese — Dream) met with Japanese journalists the head of state brought a dog to interview the staff of the Japanese TV channel “Nippon” and the newspaper “Yomiuri”.

Communication with journalists was marked by confusion regarding other dogs. Ahead of the visit of the Russian President, the Japanese wanted to give him a male of breed actin inu to Yume appeared cavalier. However, the Kremlin is such a gift refused.

But gifted to the Japanese Governor of the cat simply does not seem and security functions will likely not execute. According to Satake, the cat is growing every day: once on the official website of the Prefecture of his recent photos, many said that his face takes on Japanese features.

In cats of the breed Neva masquerade really have something Asian — a dark face, resembling a mask (thanks to it represented in 1988, in Leningrad, a new breed got its name), makes the cats of this breed like Siamese. However, the similarity ends: Neva masquerade is a really old Siberian cat, only of unusual color. According to breeders, the breed has appeared “naturally” — as the love child of the Siamese and Siberian cats. Now big strong cats with soft fur — the pride of Russian breeders. They even claim that these cats do not cause allergies.

Neva masquerade cat is not the only animal that was presented to the Russian President statesmen from other countries.

In 2012 he gave the then President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez a puppy black Russian Terrier — a dog in September of 2012, presented him the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. This breed was developed in the Soviet Union after the war, the kennel “Red star” — the black Terrier, unofficially called the “dogs of Stalin.” As a dog breed Akita inu, black Terriers are very strict: it’s a service-guard dog — strong, strong, not afraid of frosts, but requires care and education.

In early 2016 a living gift from Vladimir Putin received king of Bahrain Hamad bin ISA al Khalifa, the Russian President presented him with a horse Akhal-Teke breed named Kajibek and received in return a sword made of Damascus steel, made by order of the king. This happened after talks about cooperation between the two countries in the energy, gas, military and other fields. The gift was truly Royal — as found “Газета.Ru” such a horse is about “as two rolls-Royce”. Akhal Teke horse Vladimir Putin handed Hamad bin ISA al Khalifa in Sochi — to four-year Kajibek arrived from the nursery located in the Ryazan region, 250 km from Moscow.

The Akhal — Teke is an ancient breed and very rare. Because and valuable.

This is a very beautiful, intelligent animals: the king of Bahrain certainly appreciated such a gift.

Especially that he is known to love horses. In 2015 because of this passion, he even missed a joint summit of the Arab Gulf countries and the United States: the United States was Barack Obama himself, but Hamad bin ISA al Khalifa sent instead of himself the crown Prince — he chose to go to Royal Windsor horse show, held at the moment in the UK. By the way, in 2013, the king of Bahrain presented Queen Elizabeth II two purebred Arabian horses in an attempt to improve relations between the two countries: the gift was especially valuable thing outside of Bahrain Arab horse is almost there. While Elizabeth II is the Akhal-Teke.