In Spain have arrested nine people in the case of the terrorist attacks in Brussels

In Spain have arrested nine people in the case of the terrorist attacks in Brussels

In Spain, the police arrested nine people on suspicion of links with the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and on suspicion of involvement in terrorist attacks in Brussels. About it reports Sky News.

According to the TV station, was arrested eight Moroccans and one Spaniard after carrying out 12 raids in five cities, including Barcelona. According to the channel, arrested — men aged 30 and 40 years. Most of them were mentioned in a police file in connection with drug trafficking. According to Sky News, four of the arrested are suspected of links with people involved in terrorist attacks in Brussels.

During the searches police seized documents, computers, electronic devices, firearms and drugs, including marijuana. As told to Sky News, police, law enforcement officers began to follow the suspects after a member of the public reported to the police about the drug trade.

As noted by ABC News, citing police, all nine people arrested were Moroccans who live in Spain. They were detained in Catalonia on suspicion in connection with the coordinator of the terrorist attacks by Osama Athar. As stated by the representative of the Catalan police, The Wall Street Journal, while there is no direct evidence linking the suspects to the terrorist attacks in Brussels. According to him, the police will review the documents, electronic storage devices and weapons, which police seized during searches.

In November 2016, it was reported that, according to investigators, the coordinator was a 32-year-old Belgian jihadist named Osama Atar, who worked under the alias Abu Ahmed. He was in Syria and coordinated the actions of the terrorists who committed the attacks in Paris in November 2016 and in Brussels on 22 March 2016.

In Brussels, the first explosion occurred at the airport, and then the device exploded at the metro station “Maelbeek”. Killing dozens of people, hundreds more were injured. Responsibility for the attack claimed by ISIS.