Elderly Muscovite has attacked my son with a nunchuck and stun gun

In Moscow during quarrel the father of the beat 29-year-old son with a nunchuck and stun gun, according to RIA Novosti.

A statement the police asked the mother of the victim. According to her, the fight between her husband and son occurred in an apartment on the street Novokuznetskaya. 55-year-old man beat his son on the head and then hit him several times with a Taser.

The victim also wrote a letter to the police. In respect of the attacker initiated a criminal case under article “Threat by murder”. He was arrested and then released on his own recognizance.

20 April in Ekaterinburg a young father in front of passers brutally beat her five year old son. Drunk man repeatedly struck the baby’s head on the asphalt. In relation to the previously convicted resident of the city opened a criminal case under article “Attempt at murder juvenile”.